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Nocy LIVE…








Julie and I spent Valentine’s Day evening enjoying amazing Lebanese food and listening to the fabulous Nocy perform live along side the incredible voice of Rebecca Lopez. The last time we heard Rebecca sing solo she sans the first dance song at our wedding.

This was a magical night. We created new memories and revisited some old ones.

Michelle & Sergio Engagement





Sunday afternoon was one of those amazing days when everything comes together beautifully. There is simply no other word to describe it; beauty is qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses. And everything about it was pleasurable.

We where able to work at one of our favorite locations at the perfect time of year with perfect weather. Michelle & Sergio were an absolute joy; nothing could have beed better. All the elements combined with a fun and photogenic couple to create pure beauty.

Team Tribe on the mat





February for most people means the SuperBowl and we do love watching the SuperBowl. But for us February means wrestling and time spent with the athletes of Team Tribe Wrestling. These young men and women are very polite, well disciplined, loads of fun and very photogenic.  They are clearly group of kids with a lot of character and great coaching. Here are few of our favorite photos from this years tournament.

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